October 2, 2023

Hey there, you lovely bastards. In the present day, we’re diving into the infinite complexities of the self.

We’ll be exploring the idea of self at 5 completely different ranges, from easy explanations to brain-melting concepts that’ll go away you questioning your very existence.


Let’s do that.

Stage 1: The Youngster Self – I Can Management My Hand!

At this degree, the idea of self is fairly simple. No matter you’re feeling or management in your setting is a part of you.

You’ll be able to management your hand? Increase, a part of your self. Can’t management the chair with out touching it? That’s not you.

Easy, proper?

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Stage 2: The Teenage Self – Who Am I, Actually?

As we get older, we begin to understand that our self isn’t restricted to our bodily physique.

Summary ideas like being compassionate, gifted, or born in a particular place come to outline us. Our sense of well-being turns into tied to how others understand us, and our self turns into a socially negotiated idea.

Stage 3: The Faculty Pupil Self – Say Whats up to the Ego

By faculty, we’re conscious that there’s rigidity between our self-definition and the way the world sees us. To guard our sense of self, we develop psychological protection mechanisms. That is Freud’s definition of the ego.

A wholesome ego is crucial, however when our self-definition deviates from actuality, it turns into poisonous, resulting in emotional dysfunction.

Stage 4: The Grad Pupil Self – Arbitrary Definitions

At this degree, we understand that the idea of self is simply an arbitrary definition, like every other. Our definitions of self are primarily based on our experiences, setting, and tradition.

The fluidity of self is a psychological mechanism that helps us perform in society. Basically, the ego is an evolutionary adaptation of our minds.

Stage 5: The Skilled-Stage Self – There Is No Self

Right here’s the place issues get trippy. There isn’t any self. Our perception in our existence is simply an phantasm spun up by our minds. Nothing really exists, and life is transitory and ill-defined.

By coaching our minds, we are able to see via this phantasm and expertise actuality as a manifestation of existence. There isn’t any such factor as dying—the whole lot is current and has all the time been.