September 25, 2023

Astrologically, one clear indicator of a soulmate is somebody whose private planets (solar, moon, Mars, Venus, or Mercury) or ascendant type a side (AKA an angular connection) along with your karmic line.

Conjunctions are essentially the most compelling features for soulmates, however tight (0-3 diploma) squares (difficult) or trines (easeful) can even convey karmic connection.

The karmic line is the north and south nodal axis, a 180 diploma “line” in an astrology chart. The north node is expounded to targets and goals your soul is reaching in direction of on this lifetime, whereas the south node reveals the place you might be coming from in earlier lives (particularly related to this one) and earlier on this life (household circumstances).

Individuals you meet on this life however know from different lives will typically have planets positioned inside a number of levels of your south node (forming a conjunction). In case your south node is at 23 levels Aries, for instance, and you retain connecting with individuals whose solar, moon, rising signal, Venus, Mercury or Mars is round 21-25 levels Aries, you presumably knew one another in a previous life.

The planet that connects to your north node additionally offers some indication of the character of the earlier relationship. If somebody’s private planet or ascendant connects along with your north node, you most likely have an task, karmically, to finish collectively on this lifetime. In case your north nodes themselves type a decent trine, sq., or opposition to one another, this, too, can recommend a karmic contract.